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Ear Hair Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Men - Prices & Procedure

As men age their ear and nose hair begins to thicken and grow more, which is unattractive when not removed. There are several ways to remove or control ear hair the majority of which are painless and quick.

Grooming ear hair is an inconvenience it takes up your time and each time you treat your ear hair it costs money. As a result, more and more men are opting to spend a bit of time and money up front and have their ear hair permanently removed using a laser.

Permanent Treatments for Removing Ear Hair

If you want to permanently, remove ear hair there are two options. The oldest option is electrolysis, but this is often a painful procedure when carried out in the ear area. Because ear hair is so thick it takes a lot of treatments to permanently remove ear hair this way. The cost in terms of time is high you need dozens of sessions spread across 8 months to a year to remove all of the hair. The cost of treating an ear depends on how thick the hair is but is about £250-£400.

The other permanent way, and better way, to remove ear hair is using a laser. The treatment is virtually painless and is very quick. Dark ear hairs can be removed with two sessions of about 15 minutes per ear, thicker grey hairs need two or three sessions more. Costs vary but session start from £55, total removal of all hair in both ears should cost around £500. Some saloons charge a basic price for a session then charge a £1 for each extra pulse.

Temporary Removal Treatments for Ear Hair

Cutting ear hair with scissors or if you want to cut them shorter using a special electric razor that is small enough to enter the ear canal is easy. The cost of this option is very low at £5-£30, but it has to be done on a weekly basis.

You can also use chemical hair removal products such as Nair. The problem with these products is that they struggle to cope with ear hair, because the hair is so thick. You also have to be careful that the cream does not get too deep into your ear canal and cause infections or hearing problems. Again, the cost is low costing about £3 per application you need to repeat the procedure around twice a month.

It is possible to have the hair in your ears plucked, but it is extremely painful and takes a long time. The cost of plucking is low if done at home, if done by a beautician it costs £60 and lasts for 6 weeks.

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